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Latest True Love Quotes For Her || Love Quotes In English

Love is a feeling that comes from the heart, not from the mind. Love is not that which is shown by saying. Love is that which is done in secret. It's up to you to fall in love with someone. But whether you accept this sentiment or not is up to them. When someone is in love with someone, he rises above all the shackles of the world and is ready to do anything for that person.

So friends, today we have brought a unique collection of love quotes for you to express your love. Through which you can convey your heart to your heart. In this we are sharing Love Quotes for girl, Love short quotes two line, Love Quotes for special someone love quotes in English for husband etc.

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Top 20+ Romantic Love Quotes To Send  Your Special Someone

Love quotes English for someone special

"You feel so close to me,
If you think differently,
then it seems strange,
What is this love for this friendship?
You feel like my luck"

"I don't know how much we love you,
Just know that I cannot live without you"

"If you ever get sad then tell me
Will give my heart again to play you"

"If you get angry even a thousand times,
I will convince you But see that no one else is involved in love"

"When are my wishes different from you,
when are the things
of the heart hidden from you"

Love Quotes To Him

Love quotes for him

"Today, after a time, he remembered us,
the heart was happy but still the eyes were filled…
Remembering you is also amazing, come and see what happens to us sometime"

"You keep the news of the whole world,
you remain ignorant of me only"

"I have a wish that there should be a loved one who is exactly like me in wanting"

"You become the crown of the lines of fate; Leave the matter of yesterday,
you become my today"

"I didn't even have a heart,
what was broken was my trust"

Love Yourself Quotes

Deep love quotes for him

"Not by chance we both collided;
There must be some conspiracy, even God's will"

"not only the noise of love there must be a feeling And only those we love They should know"

"i like you so much reason Don't know I don't know"

"no matter how much my time changes
Love will never change"

"You will be such a support that You can never break and would like you You will never get upset"

"My journey is good but Mine is even better than that"

"We keep on smelling with the fragrance of your memories, Whenever we think of you, we keep deluding"

Short Love Quotes 

Romantic Love Quotes

"how incomplete it seems When the moon is there and there are no stars,
Just like when life is and You are not in that..!

" a little angry You're a little ignorant
but whatever it is you are my life"

Where did we know that what is love,
just you met one
and life became love

If your heart is sad,
then talk If you want,
meet me We live in your heart
If you have time, find it.

This is love, no matter how much give pain
but also the same comfort
is found in his arms.

Let me hide you in my arms like this, that the wind should also ask permission to pass, Get drunk in your love like this, That the senses should also ask permission to come.

It feels good to be lost in your thoughts every night Like falling asleep in your arms even after being far away...

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